The European Social Entrepreneur Project

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. The number of unemployed people under 25 years old has increased over the past few years reaching 3.3 million. At the same time, there is a growing need for improvements in the labor market that will assist in increasing revenue for small and bigger businesses.

An easy solution for these two problems is entrepreneurship. By promoting the Entrepreneurial spirit across Europe, we can increase the number of people who are entering the market as young entrepreneurs. By default, entrepreneurship is able to bring innovation in the labor market. As a result, improvements in the labor market will be made and the amount off unemployed people under the age of 25 will be dramatically decreased.

Promoting entrepreneurship is not very difficult, seeing as the concept already has a very large fanbase. However, doing it the right way requires certain expertise that not everyone has. Through the implementation of European Projects focusing on entrepreneurship, people of all ages are able to come in contact with the idea of entrepreneurship.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is an organization focusing on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. Through the implementation of a large number of European projects we are increasing our expertise and knowledge on all the new factors of entrepreneurship, based on the way the labor market is changing every single year.

One of our latest projects is the ‘’ESE – European Social Entrepreneur’’. ESE is an Erasmus+ project, aimed at disseminating good practices at European level through the training of Youth Workers, who can provide, to young people, skills in the social entrepreneurial field, seeing the active involvement of disadvantaged young people and the whole community. The project brings together 6 partner countries who will try to exchange their experience and try to find a new innovative teaching approach to this problem. The project results will be the development of the following materials and products:

  1. ” Manual on social entrepreneurship “
  2. ” Operational Course for Social Innovation “
  3. “ Web Platform ” containing all the material products


The main objectives of the project are:

  • To support people in the acquisition and development of basic and key skills applied to social entrepreneurship, in order to promote employability, socio-educational and professional development, as well as participation in civil and social life
  • Support Youth workers in order to strengthen their professional development as well as promote actions to support high quality and innovative teaching
  • To promote the EU agenda on youth work
  • To support youth workers in the development and sharing of effective methods to reach marginalized young people
  • To encouraging labor market participation, skills acquisition and poverty reduction (inclusive growth – Europe 2020)

The enhancement of the labor market through entrepreneurship can give young people the opportunity to set up their own StartUp businesses and thrive. Learn more about how European Projects can help you start your life as an entrepreneur!