Social Entrepreneur

Youth empowerment in the field of social entrepreneurship!​

Innovative Skills About The Social Entrepreneurial Field

Youth empowerment by developing a set of tools that will improve their knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship!

Social Entrepreneurship Skills

Supporting in the acquisition and development of basic skills to social entrepreneurship

Professional Development

Supporting Youth workers in order to strengthen their professional development

Sharing Methods

Supporting youth workers in sharing of effective methods to reach marginalized young people

Poverty Reduction

Encouraging labor market participation, skills acquisition and poverty reduction

Disadvantaged People

Promoting among the disadvantaged people innovative work practices, learning and discussion

Trainers Improvement

Improving the level of competences and key skills of trainers

Training Activities

The Main Training Activities Of The Project

Training Activity in Cyprus

Theoretical-practical training course in Cyprus for Youth Workers on how to relate and approach disadvantaged youth and help them on understand the importance of being active citizens, know the elements necessary to start a business idea, acquire more knowledge about social entrepreneurship.

National training for Youth Workers in each partner country (6 events)

National training for disadvantaged young people in each partner country (6 events)

About European
Social Entrepreneur

“European Social Entrepreneur” is an Erasmus+ project that aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of youth workers that can provide innovative skills about the social entrepreneurial field to the young people, seeing their active involvement and of the entire local community.

By participating, all participants will be part of a European know-how transfer in the social entrepreneurial field and the contents of the training will be filmed in order to create videos that will be uploaded on the social channels of the project and on the web platform of the project that will be open to everyone and will be interactive, with a view to learning based on e-learning.

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