European social entrepreneur …Wrapping up!

The European Social Entrepreneur -ESE project coordinated by CO-LABORY, ended on January 31, 2022, after 30 months of work with partners.

During its implementation, we have worked hard to produce high-quality materials and provide the best possible education for trainers, staff of participating organizations, and young people in disadvantaged situations.

Our project in numbers

  • 5 project results
  • 6 participating organizations
  • 16 participants involved in the short-term staff training event
  • Over 300 participants involved in local events
  • More than 1000 people reached through social media
  • 1 online event
  • 1 virtual tour on social entrepreneurship

Our results

  • The Manual on Social Entrepreneurship contains comparative studies in Europe to promote the empowerment of young people by developing a set of tools that will improve their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship with a particular focus on social entrepreneurship.
  • The online platform includes training material on social entrepreneurship, the role of the social entrepreneur, how the funds are obtained, and which concrete tools can be used to launch a social enterprise.
  • The project website with newsletters, videos, articles, information material, and the Manual on Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The live Facebook “An opportunity towards (y) our future” to raise public awareness through the use of social media, on social entrepreneurship issues by answering questions and curiosities of the participants.
  • The virtual tour on social entrepreneurship that consists of video interviews with representatives of successful social enterprises in each partner country of the project.

The Social Entrepreneurship Handbook is available here in English, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Greek.

Our journey with the ESE project was very interesting and allowed the partnership to deepen or acquire skills on a topic that is fundamental today such as social entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion and involvement of young people in disadvantaged situations to allow them to acquire knowledge and skills to get out difficult situations.

Despite the COVID and the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, which in some moments interfered with the possibility of traveling and meeting in person, the great collaboration of all partners made it possible to overcome these difficulties, also thanks to the help of technological tools all the objectives set by the project were achieved.

A big thank you to all those who followed the path of the European Social Entrepreneur project, hoping that with our work we have been able to provide you with useful resources that you will always find available on our website and on our online platform.