Project Innovation

"Knowledge is power’ and this project, "European Social Entrepreneur (ESE)" promotes youth empowerment by developing a set of tools that will improve their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on social entrepreneurship, which combines the entrepreneurial dimension with the social one and with possible employment consequences.

Social entrepreneurship linked to young people is a concept that takes on different forms in each of the partner countries.​

Our project idea was born from the will of the partnership to create an effective and repeatable model at European level of to disseminate inclusion techniques in the social entrepreneurial field.

The project aims to promote social integration and offer personalized learning opportunities to learners. We will intervene internationally on the staff of the participating organizations that will trigger a multiplier effect on their territories by training trainers. The youth workers will be able to transmit and disseminate the skills acquired to the young peopleof their territories. All the material produced will be made available online to increase the impact and encourage rural and disadvantaged people, to improve their skills.

Target Groups

  • Young people (especially disadvantaged young people)
  • Youth workers
  • Youth organizations
  • Local authorities
  • Companies
  • Employment centers and schools
  • Stakeholders