IED - Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

iED is a research organization established in 2005, focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organization’s main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Europe’s most influential and groundbreaking Programmes like the HORIZON 2020 and the ERASMUS+ programmes. | FB: @ied.europe | Twitter: @ied_europe | Instagram: ied.europe | Linkedin: iedeurope


CO-LABORY is a coworking space committed to promoting a new entrepreneurial culture based on personal social responsibility, centrality of the person, relationships of reciprocity and on the social function of business profit. | FB: @colaborycoworking | Instagram: colabory.puglia

Mitra France

Mitra France aims to foster intercultural understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity through non-formal education. We create awareness among youth about their role in the society, and increase level of digital competence among people with fewer opportunities: unemployed, ethnic, national minorities, refugees and low skilled people.
FB: @mitrafr

ACTA Center

European Center for Socio Professional Integration ACTA promotes educational activities, professional and social skills development of people in order to be able to adapt and integrate effectively in a dynamic society. ACTA aims to enhance people empowerment, entrepreneurship, creativity and encourages people to develop their ideas and initiatives into concrete projects. | FB:

CCIF Cyprus – Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus

CCIF Cyprus established in 2016, with the MISSION is to support social inclusion of all citizens especially youth including those with fewer opportunities, through youth exchanges, networking, transnational initiatives and cultural dialogues. Our VISION is to empower youth irrespective of gender, social, cultural, or educational background for active citizenship, volunteering, tolerance, respect, mutual understanding, sustainable growth and life development. | FB: @promotesocialinclusion | Twitter: @CcifCyprus | Instagram: ccifcyprus | Linkedin

CAI - Conversas Associacao Internacional

CAI Is a Portuguese NGO, which runs projects in the field Non-Formal Education, Social intervention and Health at national level with Youth, Adults and Youth workers. Is member of DISWN [Dynamo International - Street Workers Network] That is composed of 51 national platforms from Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe. CAI legally supports the SwTI.