Final TPM in Lisbon, Portugal

Final TPM in Lisbon, Portugal

The partnership of ESE project met for the last time in Lisbon, Portugal on the 17th of December 2021, within the last transnational meeting to discuss project’s progress, last activities before the closure of the project on 31st of January of 2022.

The atmosphere among partners was pleasant, especially because all project’s activities managed to be implemented successfully despite the pandemic situation that had an impact on the project itself and the lives of partners in general.

Discussions revolved around remaining tasks regarding financial aspects, dissemination and justification documents that would prove all the hard work each organisation did to achieve the highest quality on project’s activities.

COLABORY as coordinators reminded each partner of their obligations and what was left to provide from everyone’s part, to finalise this project the same way it was implemented until now. With success!

The bonding continued with mutual lunch and dinner among partners to seal the great collaboration they had the past two and a half years. All attendants shared their satisfaction with the project’s results and relations between partners and hopefully, within this great atmosphere, more actions will follow in the near future.