On September 2019 the partnership of ESE project formed by Italy, Greece, France, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania, met in Italy to attend the project Kick off meeting.

The Italian coordinator hosted the meeting in Trani a small town in the south of Italy and the meeting was an important occasion to talk thoroughly about the project and the steps to adopt for its implementation.

During the meeting, the partners introduced themselves and their organization and CO-LABORY prepared a short presentation to clarify project objectives and tasks.

Thanks to this meeting the partners had the opportunity to know each other in person and start working together on the project. The meeting was mostly focused on the discussion of the concept of social entrepreneurship with the many differences in each partner country and how this aspect could be incorporated in the research as a preliminary step to create one of the main project results: the Manual on social entrepreneurship.

After the first intense day of work, the host organized a small tour of the town including the opportunity for the partner to visit two young entrepreneurs that created a space for designers on the territory, called “Shiski Concept Space”; the visit was followed by a social dinner in one of the local restaurants.

The beginning of the work ended in a very positive way with good expectations from the whole partnership.