Virtual Tour on Social Entrepreneurship | Portugal


The partnership of European Social Entrepreneur-ESE decided to conduct several interviews in each partner country. The idea of this virtual tour is to receive general feedback from successful social enterprises, inform and educate our audience on existing best practices and the ultimate goal is to intrigue interested parties on the field of social entrepreneurship.

The first part of this tour of interviews starts with partners CAI – Conversas Associação Internacional, from Portugal, and Cidália da Rocha, who in April 2021 interviewed Carla Santos, co-founder of a Portuguese enterprise Capacitare to talk about her experience in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Capacitare is one of the 12 successful organizations with an impact in the area of social entrepreneurship analyzed in this project. The result of this analysis is available in the Manual that the partnership elaborated “European Social Entrepreneur”, available on the project’s website.

The questions explored in the interview were:

  • What is a social and solidarity economy?
  • Ηow do you see this economy in the Portuguese context?
  • In which way does Capacitare contribute to the Social Economy?
  • How does Capacitare involve the people?
  • What is your contribution to society?
  • What advice will you give to a young person who wants to open his company within the scope of the social economy?

If you are interested in watching the interview and learning more follow the link to our YouTube channel!