The 2nd TM of project ESE-European Social Entrepreneur took place at the 13th of March 2020. The meeting was held virtually due to the difficult circumstances that we are living, the COVID-2019 that has affected the whole planet. The original plan was that the meeting will be realized in Greece. Nevertheless, thanks to the technological tools and the good will of all partners, the meeting was succesful and partners from Italy, Greece, France, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania were able to discuss about the activities carried out through the project and future steps.

The meeting was mostly focused on the dissemination process of all activities and deliverables of ESE project in order to raise awareness and inform interested parties of the importance of Entrepreneurship. Another subject of discussion was the Manual on social entrepreneurship that will contain the results of the comparative study in Europe on success stories of social enterprises.

Moreover, all partners shared their thoughts about the next Transnational Meetings and short term training Event that will be realized in Cyprus and how this unprecedented situation of the pandemics will affect the original timeline of project’s activities. Thanks to the efficient collaboration of the partnership, the vision and the activities of ESE project will continue and hopefully these difficult times that we are all dealing with will come to an end soon and will give room to a more prosperous future.