Social enterprise & Green economy.


Today social enterprises are transforming lives and making positive changes all over the world. Their expandable and replicable solutions to social and environmental problems foster a more open, sustainable, and prosperous future for all. Social enterprises contribute to a form of “smart” growth by responding to needs that have not yet been met with social innovation.

An example of this smart-growth is found in the green economy because more and more companies are choosing low environmental impact solutions and investing in new green technologies. The Green economy represents a new production paradigm, it is not just a branch of the economy, but a new way of operating, organizing, producing, and distributing. The Green economy is part of a wider framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, as it does not only concern the production of low greenhouse gas goods but also the need for these jobs to be equally accessible to women and men, with decent wages and quality standards that can guarantee personal and professional growth opportunities for the people employed, as well as economic and social benefits for the communities that host them.

The Erasmus + European Social Entrepreneur project places itself in this framework because it aims to help people to acquire new skills in the social entrepreneurship sector to promote employability, socio-educational and professional, development and participation in civil and social life. lunesta alternative otc

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